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Alex Valle & Susan Bednarski

Dear Prospective Homeowners: It’s our big pleasure to recommend Peter Dolecki as a real estate agent for an individual or family, searching for the ideal home for their unique situation. We were renting a two bedroom condo and we acknowledged we were paying so much money for rent, basically paying someone elses mortgage. Our family grew with our newborn child so we thought we needed a bigger place to live with a yard and a safe outdoor space. So we went to the first meeting with Peter and at the same time he showed us two houses. He took deligent notes regarding our needs in a family home as well as our budgetary limitations. Peter has lots of experience as a realtor. He made excellent use of the relevant search engines and real estate databases, to quickly find us a variety  of homes for sale in the neighbourhood we chose to live in. Finally, thanks to him we found a deal that was perfect for us and also made the seller happy as well. Peter knows the market situation as well as surrey area like the back of his hand. We found him to be a highly attentive agent. He answered all phone calls and if he couldn’t for any reason at that moment, he will reply back with a text message saying that he will get back to us as soon as possible, but always within half hour to an hour. Also and very important, we never felt neglected or unimportant. We are pleased to recommend Peter Dolecki to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. He will always be our first choice in real estate agents.

Dorota McTaggart  and  John Charbonneau

Our journey began about a year ago, when john and I decided to buy our dream house and combine two families, That’s where I found our realtor Peter Dolecki. When I contacted Peter I explained the situation  we were in as I had to sell my townhouse first and buy a house, Peter knew he had a lot on his plate with us but never the less he took us on. This is one realtor that goes over and beyond his duties,  he worked hard to sell my townhouse and to get me exactly what I wanted, with listing,  open houses , he did everything plus more . When the time came to buy our house I was very stressed out as I didn’t know if we would find anything in time, but again Peter re assured me that everything would be fine so again I put my trust in him. John and I must have looked at over 100 houses and Peter was always there making appointments for us, calling other realtors within minutes, he treats his clients with respect and priority, john and I really appreciated  the straight forward attitude. Peter is a realtor that will not steer you in the wrong direction, hes very honest and forth coming he’s not there to sell you a dream, hes there to sell you your dream house and that’s a huge difference and that’s what we appreciated about him. When john and I finally found our dream home it was a bidding war, Peter was on the phone with us and the other realtor back and forth for hours  , I must say it was extremely stressful , there was 10 solid bids. He did everything plus more to ensure that we got our house and in the end we did. Thanks to Peter we got exactly what we were looking for . I would strongly recommended Peter as a realtor , if you want someone that’s honest, hard working and someone that goes above and beyond his duties then he’s your realtor. He makes you a priority!!!!! I would recommend him in a heart beat, to anyone that’s asks  he is one of the most hard working realtors that I have ever meet. Because of Peter our dreams came true ,we now have our beautiful house, he made it work for us. Thank you for everything!

Alison Prentice RN BScN

We had another realtor before calling Peter – and extremely nice as he was, we were always chasing him down to show us homes. When we saw this one house (and after our own realtor did not return messages) we called Peter (referred by an employee in our office) who not only returned the call right away, he booked the appointment for the next day.  And then – magic. We fell in love with the home, Peter worked his magic with the sellers to negotiate a deal we didn’t even know could be done (a very extended closing until we could free up funds from the business), and before we knew it we were in our forever home. I have been telling everyone I know about Peter and his brilliance in negotiating real estate deals.

Christina Cowherd

I was fortunate enough to have Peter Dolecki from Re/Max help me buy my condo. I was a renter and the people that owned the house were selling so I didn’t have a great deal of time. Their house sold in 5 days. Things seemed frantic and I was worried and under educated in the housing market. Peter had shown me a few different places and when none seemed to strike my fancy, he asked what I was looking for, what were my requirements, what did I want. Well, truthfully, I didn’t know what I wanted. All I knew, was that when I saw it, I would know. So after a long day of looking, the last place we were scheduled to see, there was no key. We left, had coffee, talked about my options and then the other realtor, supplied access to the key and away we went. As soon as Peter unlocked the door he knew and once I walked through, I knew. We made an offer on the spot and after a few negotiations, the deal was done and I was thrilled. He knew, I knew and when we left and locked the door, the place across the hall said it all. A dragonfly door knocker…. that one is just between me and my Grandma. Thank you Peter. For all of your help. Your patience, your expertise, your integrity and your un-failing faith.

Tim Atkinson

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with Peter Dolecki as my realtor. Throughout the entire process Peter was professional, personable and reasonable. He guided us and provided information at every stage over and above any expectations. I felt at ease and assured the entire time. He listened to all our concerns and provided great advice and let us make the decisions. He proved to be a great negotiator that saved us more than we expected. I will definitely use Peter again when selling my home.

Dorota McTaggart

Peter is an amazing person and realtor, he trully made the selling / buying experience a lot less stressfull for me/ us.. I can’t say enough and I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done to make our dream come true !!!

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